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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Feeding the Birds
I can't believe I've let so much time get away from me. I am seriously behind in every part of my life right now, but am slowly trying to get it all together!
I love to feed the birds in my yard and watch them from my porch. Here in Kentucky we have cardinals all year round and they are so beautiful. So one day when Gracie was bored we decided to make bird treats for our little friends. It's so simple a five year old can do it. Literally!
Any kind of birdseed will do, I just happened to have a finch mix. I poured the birdseed into a large bowl added several big globs of peanut butter and let Gracie have at it with a wooden spoon. I halved my orange slices and spooned the pulp into our mixing bowl as an extra treat for the birdies. Then we just spooned the mixture in the orange halves and placed them in our tree. You can also add berries and nuts if you would like. Gracie loved being able to say that she had helped make something for the birds and it kept her busy for a little while at least!

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