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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A personal note...

Life has a way of taking you by suprise. Somedays it can be full of wonder and joy and other days it is full of sadness and pain. Unfortunately today is the latter for me. Today my Mom had surgery to remove 1/3 of her colon due to cancer. Me and my Mom have had our up's and downs throughout my life. We are both strong stubborn women and sometimes butt heads. But what do you do or say when the thought of losing your Mom hits you so hard the wind is literally knocked out of you? I thought I was doing a good job of keeping it together until this morning when I showed up to the hospital 30 minutes late. I was being the brave girl everyone expects me to be until I saw my mother in that hospital bed crying and looking weak as water. And then it hit me. What in the earth was I thinking? Why hadn't I run around this morning with a fire under my ass to get to her? What would I do if something happens to my Mom? All I could do was let it out and cry. In spite of all our little ups and downs I love my Mom dearly and am scared to death of losing her. I thank God I made it to the hospital just as they were taking her back to surgery. I thank God for my Mom.....


  1. My mom is gone now, but we were blessed to have her live on our property for 6 years (the dr. gave her 6 months to live!). Just thoroughly enjoy the time together and let those little irritations slide. I would give much to have coffee with my mom this a.m. God bless you today. Mary

  2. I'm so glad you wrote this. May your lives be blessed.

    ~ Yaya