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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

State Fair

On August 20th we went to Louisville for the KY state fair. My son had to give his country ham speech for 4-H and lucky for us we got to see alot of neat things while there. They were having the dairy animal shows, rabbit show and every kind of bird you can imagine show! The first picture is two sweet dairy cows patiently waiting for their turn in the ring. The pumpkin was the fair winner which weighed like 800 pounds I think. It was a whopper! This bunny was so cute I could have taken it home if it had been for sale. If only my angora rabbits looked that good! And the final picture is of my sweet Gracie lovin' on one of the cows. Look at those sweet eyes. I've decided I need a Guernsey cow just to love on it! We had a really good time although we were exhausted from it all. Next year we plan on going more than one day because there is just too much to try and fit into one!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by :) I thought that bunny was fake...haha so cute.

    I'm a farm girl too on the other side of the states (in good ol' Idaho) it will be fun to be connected!